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SF Tidbits for 10/8/09

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  1. 10 Notable Science Fiction Pulp Magazines.”

    Actually, it’s four pulps, five digests, and one glossy magazine that wasn’t even primarily a science fiction magazine.

    There’s no possible way to define Omni as a “pulp.”

    Nor could you sell any pulp collectors the five digest non-pulp magazines.

    The writer of the piece seems to have some serious confusions.  “…another publication that emerged in the pulp boom of the 1950s….”  There was no “pulp boom of the 1950s”; the 1950s were the last gasp of the pulps and when they died.  “Omni’s target audience was a little older than the high school crowd — someone who considered themselves a science enthusiast, although probably not a science professional.”

    Omni’s publishers never quite figured out what it was supposed to be, but it was more about woo-woo paranormal than about science.  

    Saying “Planet Stories had a unique brand of swashbuckling adventure science fiction that appealed to a younger generation of up-and-coming sci fi fans” is beyond anachronistic.  Nobody, but  nobody, in  the 1930s was a “sci fi fan ,” no matter what direction they were going in.



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