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Tube Bits For 10/13/2009


  • If you’ve ever wanted to own Serenity, the ship, from Joss Whedon’s Firefly, now’s your chance. Quantum Mechanix has created this 1:180 scale replica of Captain Tight Pants’ ship in all its glory. Features include paint and wear to match the movie version, 250 different parts, 32 different lighting effects and 8 crew people on the bridge. Check out the link for a short movie on the lights in action. All this can be yours for the low, low price of $2495. It’s also a limited run of 1000 signed by Nathan Fillion. Is it wrong to want one?
  • The Science Fiction Buzz Blog asks an interesting question: Is Battlestar Galactica worth watching if you know the ending? This from the standpoint of someone who hasn’t seen the show before, wants to, but knows the ‘twist’ ending. My take: Watch the mini-series then the first season, which is one of the best seasons of any SF show ever. After that it goes slowly downhill.
  • Last week Leonard Nimoy finally reappeared as William Bell on Fringe and we got to learn a bit more about his meeting with Olivia Dunham. Crave Online has a very nice interview with Nimoy about his role on the show, J.J. Abrams, Star Trek and his photography.
  • Fringe has had fairly low ratings since returning to the air. However, it looks like more people are time-shifting their viewing as Fringe added almost 40% more viewers in the 18-40 category. I know this is the way I almost always watch TV nowadays. I either watch my recordings later that night or over the following few days, depending on how much I want to see the show. LOST will always be as soon as I can get the kids into bed…
  • I’m enjoying Stargate Universe so far, even if the last episode was a bit weak. If you’re on the fence, well maybe this cover for New York/New Jersey’s regional entertainment magazine Steppin’ Out may persuade you to watch. Heck, if Alaina Huffman and Elyse Levesque were almost naked like this in every episode I’d imagine ratings would explode!
  • Another show that has run into a bit of good news lately is Flash Forward. ABC has just given the order for a full season of the freshman SF show. Hopefully now we’ll find out who that guy was at the Tigers game. And it had better not be Magnum.
  • We mentioned awhile back that the videogame Halo would be getting an anime treatment. Below is a five minute clip, called “Babysitter”, from the project. It certainly has that anime vibe and you gots to love the Spartan’s ninja moves. Sweet.
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