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Tube Bits For 10/14/2009

  • Dollhouse, surprisingly rescued from cancellation last season, has debut to very low ratings. Still, Fox has affirmed that the current 13 ordered episodes will be aired this season. Part of the reason is there appears to be a lot of people watching on DVR. But, Fox didn’t go as far as to order a full season. I did manage to finish season 1 which turned out okay, but Dollhouse is one of those “watch when I get around to it” shows, not a must see.
  • Charles Stross goes off on a rant, explaining why he hates Star Trek. From reading his reasoning, it looks like TNG is the main culprit, and I agree that the technobabble took over the later seasons, tainting even the original series, which is much more story oriented than TNG. There’s lots of comments about what SF TV shows Stross should watch that he missed the first time around. Put me down for Babylon 5.
  • Crave Online interviews Ming Na, who has had very little screen time so far. Ms. Na says that, unlike Stross, she’s always liked Star Trek. And damn, how can you not like someone who has a Lucas signed copy of the script to The Adventures of Luke Starkiller?
  • Does anyone still watch Heroes? If you do, you may be sad, or not, to know that a major character will die this season. Sadly, this character is not “the entire show”.
  • But what can we learn from Heroes suckitude? Surprisingly, there’s a lot of business lessons to be gleaned from the trainwreck that is Heroes.
  • In case you were on the fence about Heroes sucking, here is their attempt to gin up ratings by having Claire get kissed by her female roommate. Ooooookay, it’s not even sweeps yet and their trying to garner ratings by being shocking. Too bad for them that boat left awhile ago, this scene, even the cut up version below, isn’t even titillating.
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1 Comment on Tube Bits For 10/14/2009

  1. The problem I had with Heroes and have with Dollhouse is simple, but killer: I don’t care about any of these people!

    Whatever they do, whoever dies or switches sides, or is really someone else entirely… it’s just a lame plot twist, not an actual person growing, learning or otherwise being more than cardboard.

    I really do care what happens to Dexter, Sookie or even Castle fer jebus’ sake! They are written like people and do human-like things, and don’t run around making the same stupid mistakes episode after episode.


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