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Tuesday Tune: ‘Halloweenhead’ by Ryan Adams

SONG: “Halloweenhead”

ARTIST: Ryan Adams

ALBUM: Easy Tiger

Being that the first installment of Tuesday Tunes falls just a few days before Halloween and said holiday has such a strong connection to sci-fi, fantasy, and horror literature, its only appropriate that the word “Halloween” appears in the title of the inaugural Tuesday Tune.

“Halloweenhead” appears on Ryan Adams’ Easy Tiger album from 2007. The alt-country singer/songwriter is notorious for his prodigious output as well as his colossal inconsistency but this tune is an absolute winner.

The lyrics contain allusions to black cats, walking under ladders, and spilling salt shakers. This song isn’t about Halloween as much as its about the singer’s own paranoia. He sings about having a head full of tricks and treats as he views the punks in drag on the darkened city streets.

Musically, this song radiates euphoria. Perhaps bipolar euphoria, but euphoria nonetheless. Adams actually yells “Guitar Solo!” before the guitar solo. This is normally a cheesy move but it completely works here.

I hope you enjoy “Halloweenhead” and I hope that you enjoy your Halloween this year.

What are some of your favorite “Halloween” songs?

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