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REVIEW: The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross

REVIEW SUMMARY: Very fun pair of stories by one of the new stars of science fiction.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Bob Howard is a h4x0r who stumbles upon secrets man was not meant to know. Well, it turns out men do know it, but the knowledge is restricted and protected in order to keep people from opening a doorway that lets in the elder gods to feed upon us all. So Bob is press-ganged into a super-secret branch of the SAS and the fun begins.


PROS: Awesome combination of the bureaucracy of government agencies and incursions from the planes by evil entities.

CONS: Starts out a little rough and enjoys asides a little too much.

BOTTOM LINE: A really enjoyable book that I read very quickly. I recommend it if you enjoy a little occult science fiction.

This book contains 2 novellas, “The Atrocity Archives” and “The Concrete Jungle” that both star Bob Howard and his exploits working for the super secret British agency responsible for managing the incursions into our world and for keeping people from inadvertently summoning the great evils with their PCs. Part spy novel and part Lovecraftian occult horror, Stross does a masterful job keeping the plot lines moving forward despite the need to stop and help the reader understand the universe he is creating. In fact, the plot pretty much zooms throughout, without much character development overall but still a very fun book to read.

2 Comments on REVIEW: The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross

  1. What’s with the Ballard references in the titles? Is it some sort of homage?

  2. I thought it was a little rough around the edges, as if Stross was playing around with the ideas of the world he created more than focusing on the story.  “The Atrocity Archives” did have that amazingly evil/scary antagonist that Stross is so good at writing, though.

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