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New Fiction Magazine: Survival By Storytelling

Issue #1 of Survival By Storytelling Magazine, edited by Shaun Duke and Niyousha Bastani, has just been released. It’s dedictaed to “publishing fiction, poetry, and non-fiction by young authors” The first issue contains twelve short stories, seven poems, and one article, all by authors under the age of twenty-five.

For now, you can get your copy of SBS from Lulu. And in case you wanted to know why you should purchase the issue, here’s some incentive:

  • We have some amazing fiction and poetry from writers new and old, all twenty-five and under, many of them members of YWO (Diocletian, Mercy, Adri, Nyx, Tegzz, and Crocolyle, unless I’m missing anyone).
  • We have an interview with author Paul Genesse (The Golden Cord and The Dragon Hunters; he has also written many short stories for collections published by DAW). He also wrote us a fine article about writing.
  • There is also an article by author T. M. Hunter in here, author of Heroes Die Young.
  • Every sale of SBS pays our authors. Since we pay by royalties, every sale is directly helping the contributors, and that’s a good thing, right?
  • Every sale also helps Young Writers Online, which is also good. Mostly the money goes to contributors, but YWO gets a little bit out of it too, and that goes to making sure we can have more contests in the future!
  • It’ll make you feel good inside. Trust me. SBS is like chocolate, only better.

See their website for more detailed information and how to purchase it.

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  1. Thanks so much for spreading the word.  I really appreciate it!  You guys are awesome.  If anyone has any questions regarding Survival By Storytelling, please fire away at our email:  sbsmag[at]yahoo[dot]com

    Thanks again!

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