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TOC: Analog December 2009

Analog has posted the table of contents for the December 2009 issue:


  • “To Climb A Flat Mountain” (conclusion) by G. David Nordley


  • “Formidable Caress” by Stephen Baxter
  • “Wilderness Were Paradise Enow” by H.G. Stratmann

Short Stories

  • “The Jolly Old Boyfriend” by Jerry Oltion
  • “The Universe Beneath Our Feet” by Carl Frederick

Science Fact

  • Plate Tectonics, Goldilocks, And The Late Heavy Bombardment: Why Earth Isn’t Mars Or Venus by Richard A. Lovett

Probability Zero

  • A Flash Of Lightning by Robert Scherrer

Reader’s Departments

  • The Editor’s Page
  • In Times to Come
  • The Alternate View by John G.Cramer
  • The Reference Library by Don Sakers
  • Brass Tacks
  • Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
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