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Trailer: Clash of the Titans

Good news: Updated special effects and a rock soundtrack.

Better news: No shirtless Harry Hamlin!

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4 Comments on Trailer: Clash of the Titans

  1. The worst news: no stop motion.

    Boo on this.

  2. But…but…where’s Bubo??

  3. On the plus side of the column: Pete Postlethwaite.

  4. joshua corning // November 17, 2009 at 10:59 pm //

    Wasn’t the first one a hodgepodge of various Greek myths and a little Norse thrown together and ground up in a blender?

    Also I remember seeing the first one with my grandmother when i was a kid….the nude scenes were a bit uncomfortable, but not as much as her laughing through most of the movie.

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