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Tuesday Tune: ‘Aliens Exist’ by Blink 182

SONG: “Aliens Exist”

ARTIST: Blink 182

ALBUM: Enema of the State

Tonight, ABC premiers the reboot of V, the 80’s Sci-Fi mini-series that featured carnivorous reptilian aliens and Marc Singer’s perfectly feathered hair.

In recognition of this historic event, it seems only natural to feature a song about Aliens.

“Aliens Exist” is from Blink 182’s seminal, turn of the century pop/punk album, Enema of the State. It also featured the hits “What’s My Age Again” and “All the Small Things”.

Lyrically, the song tells the same trite abduction/CIA cover-up story that has filled countless TV shows and movies. At least it offers a change of pace from typical pop song content.

Musically, Blink 182’s strengths and weaknesses are both on display here. Tom DeLonge’s pinched tenor vocals can really grate, but his crisp, crunchy guitar chords provide a pleasant punch to the solar plexus. The lyrics are unremarkable but the chorus contains an undeniably catchy melody and uplifting harmony vocals.

What are your favorite songs with “Alien” in the title?

Well, enjoy the premiere of V tonight. Here’s hoping for a cameo from Marc Singer’s hair.

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1 Comment on Tuesday Tune: ‘Aliens Exist’ by Blink 182

  1. Nice!

    ‘Come sail away’ by Stxx (yeah, I know…) always stands out in my head as a good ‘aliens’ song.  Also, would ‘Rocket man’ or ‘Space oddity’ count?



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