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29 Free Speculative Fiction Stories by 25 Authors

Nothing brightens my day more than another batch of free fictiony goodness from the awesome Free Speculative Fiction Online:

  1. Paolo Bacigalupi: “Pocketful of Dharma” (F & SF, February 1999)
  2. Tina Connolly: “Child of Sunlight, Woman of Blood” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #31, December 2009)
  3. Charles V. De Vet: “Vital Ingredient” (If, July 1952)
  4. Alan DeNiro: “Tyrannia” (Strange Horizons, November 2009)
  5. Charles Willard Diffin: “Dark Moon” (Analog/Astounding, May 1931)
  6. Cory Doctorow: “To Go Boldly” (New Space Opera Anthology #2, 2009) [Audio]
  7. David Drake: “At Any Price” (Baen, 1985)
  8. Brendan DuBois: “Not Enough Stars In The Night” (Cosmos, May 2008)
  9. Rebecca Epstein: “When We Were Stardust” (Fantasy Magazine, February 2008)
  10. Randall Garrett: “The Foreign Hand Tie” (Analog, December 1961)

  1. Merrie Haskell: “Dead Languages” (Farthing, September 2006)[Audio]
  2. Merrie Haskell: “Huntswoman” (Strange Horizons, January 2005)
  3. Merrie Haskell: “One Million Years B.F.E.” (Town Drunk, November 2006)[Audio]
  4. Merrie Haskell: “Reparations” (Fortean Bureau, June 2004) [Also in audio]
  5. Merrie Haskell: “The Girl-Prince” (Coyote Wild Vol. 2 No. 5, August 2008)
  6. Anderson Horne: “The Day of the Dog” (If, June 1958)
  7. Marissa Lingen: “The Grandmother-Granddaughter Conspiracy” (Clarkesworld #39, December 2009)
  8. S. P. Meek: “When Caverns Yawned” (Analog/Astounding), May 1931)
  9. Richard Parks: “Night, in Dark Perfection” (Clarkesworld #39, December 2009)
  10. David Prill: “Five Dispatches from the Third Word War” (Subterranean, Fall 2009)
  11. Cat Rambo: “In Order to Conserve” (Eyes Like Sky and Coal and Moonlight Collection, 2009)[Audio]
  12. Mercurio D. Rivera: “Longing for Langalana” (Interzone #204, June 2006)
  13. Mercurio D. Rivera: “Snatch Me Another” (Abyss & Apex #25, First Quarter 2008)
  14. Nathan Schachner & Arthur Leo Zagat: “The Death-Cloud” (Analog/Astounding), May 1931)
  15. Lewis Shiner: “The Death of Che Guevara” (Subterranean, Fall 2009)
  16. Katherine Sparrow: “Pirate Solutions” (Fast Ships, Black Sails Anthology, 2008)[Audio]
  17. David Weber: “Storm from the Shadows” (Baen, 2009)
  18. Hal K. Wells: “When the Moon Turned Green” (Analog/Astounding), May 1931)
  19. Donald E. Westlake: “They Also Serve” (Analog, September 1961)
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