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A Very Special Alf’s Special Christmas

A long time ago, NBC decided to unleash on an unsuspecting viewer ship the science fiction ‘comedy’ series ALF (Alien Life Form). Inexplicably, ALF managed to survive for several season (like Family Guy or, really, any show by Seth McFarland), probably due to the wise-cracking ALF. As you might imagine, being an alien who wants to eat cats, Alf really doesn’t understand Christmas. That is, until he is given away as a Christmas present to a little girl in a hospital.

NBC thought this was so awesome they gave us an entire hour to watch. And now you can too, if you are in the Unites States. You can thank EbenHulu Scrooge for not being able to see it elsewhere, or you can thank your lucky stars for not being able to see it. Your call.

I’ve just visited the Wikipedia entry for Alf and, wow, there are spin-offs? Really? Who watched this stuff?

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2 Comments on A Very Special Alf’s Special Christmas

  1. “Who watched this stuff?”

    People like me who were six years old when it first started. Every afternoon after school, right after Saved the Bell. And the cartoon on Saturday mornings was awesome!

    Having said that, I probably won’t watch this holiday special, b/c like my memories of He-Man and Scooby-Doo, watching ALF as an adult will likely destroy it for me.

  2. Seconding the awesomeness of the Saturday morning cartoon. “Taste my iron flounder!”

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