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BBC’s Presentation of ‘Day of the Triffids’

First things first. If your only recollection of Day of the Triffids is the cheap 1960’s monster flick, do yourself a favor and go read John Wyhndham’s wonderful cozy catastrophe from whence it originated. (“Whence? ” Who talks like that?)

BBC has produced an updated version of the story. Here’s one of the trailers (Gamma Squad has more)…

Based on this and the other trailers, it looks like this adaptation is playing up the disaster and killer plants angle. I hope I’m wrong. While there was some of that in the book, it wasn’t the main focus. Of course, it’s been over a decade since I read it. Maybe a re-read is in order.

[via Topless Robot]

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  1. A re-read of the book is always in order – I treat myself every couple of years and thankfully a lot of Wyndham is now coming back into print.

    Whilst I’m butting in I’ve set up the official website for the forthcoming DVD & Blu-ray release for this all-new BBC adaptation – – here we’ve tried to build something that gives any Triffid newbie an in-depth look at all the various incarnations of the Triffids and even long-time fans some new info – I didn’t know myself just how many times the tale had been adapted for the radio. Please pop along!

    Fingers crossed these Triffids will reach an all-new level of fear – certainly it’s a great time for the revival of British sci-fi.

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