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Dante’s Inferno: The Video Game

Inspired by the real Dante Alighieri, but adapted for a new generation and a new medium, the hero of the game is a soldier who defies death and fights for love against impossible odds. The Italian mercenary Dante returns home from the wars to find that his beloved Beatrice has been murdered, and her soul pulled down into Hell by a dark force. He gives chase, and vows to get her back. For weapons, he wields Death’s soul-reaping scythe, and commands holy powers of the cross, given to him by Beatrice.

Read on for the game trailer that makes me realize that a lot has changed since Pong.

Also: Check out the game website which details their weekly live video series.

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2 Comments on Dante’s Inferno: The Video Game

  1. This looks a lot like some game designers really wanted to make God of War without getting sued, and decided to make a travesty not only of God of War, but also of a terrifically inappropriate literary classic that ought never to have been turned into Game IP.

    This is coming from someone who loves spilling ideas into new mediums. You didn’t need to actually tie it to Dante’s Inferno, a classic where the hero never touches a single weapon, weeps, passes out a lot, and never, ever touches a single weapon, nor faces any meaningful peril beyond mere insanity. You could have just made original IP. Why play up this utterly inappropriate epic poem that will really not translate well into the medium of an Action Game. Does the X button weep? Does the Y button rely on Virgil to tell the demon to stop being a dick? Does the A button, held down, power up your awesome passing-out power?

    I can just hear the hamsters in the producers mind planning Dante III: DANTE VERSUS GOD!!!! Where Dante slices his way all the way through heaven to fight the ultimate boss battle, with frikkin’ GOD!!!!




    This title makes me embarassed for my industry.

  2. Greg Mulka // December 10, 2009 at 1:36 pm //

    I haven’t followed anything on this game since EA decided that encouraging people to grope booth girls at conventions was a good marketing ploy. 

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