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Our Christmas Gift To You: The Star Wars Holiday Special

Fresh from the mega-hit that was the original Star Wars (no Episode IV, no New Hope), George Lucas decided to extend the Star Wars brand in ways no one had seen before. No, not collectible glasses from Burger King, but with a Star Wars themed ‘Holiday’ special.

Little did we know that this was just a taste of the awfulness that resides deep in Lucas’ heart, which would bring us Ewoks, Jar Jar, Anakin’s dialog and pretty much the entire prequel series. But all that was mercifully in the future when CBS shocked the viewing public with two hours of singing, dancing and Bea Arthur. Long unavailable in any form, the Star Wars Holiday Special can be found around the web on various video sites so it’s horribleness will no longer go unremembered.

And we’re bringing it to you, our fine SF Signal readers. We hope you ‘enjoy’ this trip into the past of Star Wars and we hope you have a truly wonderful and merry Christmas!

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6 Comments on Our Christmas Gift To You: The Star Wars Holiday Special

  1. The guys from MST3K did a RiffTrax for this. I highly recommend it as a reward (and therapy) for sitting through this.


    Merry Christmas

  2. Merry Christmas to you J.P. and John and all the rest of the wonderful SF Signal gang!  I hope everyone’s Christmas is coal-free and comes laden with a not only all the fun material trappings of the holiday but also peace and joy and restful/relaxing times with family and friends.

  3. As my younger remora just said to me:

    It’s a good thing I’m already mostly emotional scar tissue, or I’d be scarred for life after seeing that.

  4. Starwars has always amazed me both as a movie and also in the form of a book which I recently purchased online from an online store – A1Books. Starwars – the clone wars is the only one book which i have till now and now i lookout for blogs wherever anything related to it has been commented…The episode is cool….And yes A very Merry belated Christmas …a bit late though 🙁

  5. Mark Stephenson // December 28, 2009 at 9:06 am //

    I purchased the SWHS on DVD a couple of years ago.  I remembered seeing the SWHS the night it ran in 1978.  I was a full-fledged, married adult of 27 years and am still scarred for life by the amazing awfulness of it,  from the incredible first 12 minutes that are entirely made up of Wookie noises (no subtitles) to the incredible awfulness of Bea Arthur in the Cantina.  Lest we also forget Art Carney’s sleepwalking through much of the train wreck.  Oh, and did Harrison Ford look pissed off for being in this nightmare or what?  Contractual, I presume…

    When I discovered a site selling relatively good copies of the show I could not resist.  Oh, the humanity!! 

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