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Caprica: Will You Watch It?

The new BSG spinoff Caprica premieres tomorrow, January 22nd at 9/8C on the SyFy Channel. (A 91-minute extended cut of the pilot also appears to be available at their website.) The show is described as focusing on the Graystone and Adama families, and on the breakthrough in artificial intelligence that brings unforeseen consequences.

Here’s the trailer:

There’s been lots of BSG backlash towards the end of its run.

So the big question: Will you watch Caprica?

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26 Comments on Caprica: Will You Watch It?

  1. I already watched the European release of the pilot and enjoyed it.  And I gave up on BSG quite a while ago.

  2. Maria Stahl // January 21, 2010 at 7:01 am //

    Watched it on Hulu already. It’s okay.

  3. Yep. I watched the pilot when it was released to DVD, and while there’ll understandably be some changes, I’m pretty excited for it. I think it’s going to be as big as Galactica, and will cover a lot of the same sort of storytelling, but on different subjects. 

  4. I ditched BSG because that show became an outlet for ham-handed and simplistic metaphors about religion, and the first ad I see for Caprica is a woman holding an apple she’s bitten in to. So in a word, no. 

  5. Given the horror of the last hour of the BSG series finale I have no hope that this will turn out well. The creators’ lazy habits really irked me.

  6. Huh.  Apparently I hated the ending of BSG a lot less than everyone else in this universe. 

    I’ve seen the Caprica movie and quite enjoyed it.  I didn’t think I would since a) the ending of BSG left me thinking that there was nothing else to talk about and b) the first half hour made it seem to be about whiny self-obsessed teenagers, like most everything on TV (you kids get offa my lawn!).

    By the end of the movie I was quite impressed not only with how the writers found something new to explore and turned around the story to appeal to a wider range of tastes (i.e. it’s not 90210 with robots), but also with how intelligent a piece of science fiction it was for television.  If the series holds true to the movie, it appears that it will explore themes of identity, our definition of humanity and the ethics of our relationship to our technology….all those themes I love from writers like Philip K. Dick, William Gibson and such. 

    So hells yeah, I’ll be watching it.  But if the robots start hanging out at the pool and whining about their boyfriends, I’m outta there.

  7. I’m definately watching it.  Season 4 of BSG wasn’t great but the Plan reminded me of how good a show it is.

    I had low expectations for the Caprica pilot and I think it turned out pretty good. Here’s hoping we’ve got a good show to watch each week.

  8. Like Dominic said, I must have disliked the BSG ending less than a lot of people, though it wasn’t quite what I had hoped either.


    Before watching the Caprica movie, I had the same impression it was just whiny kids and would have no interest in watching.  However, by the end it was good enough that I am willing to give it a shot.  Looks like it has promise, but only way to tell is giving it a chance.

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  10. I didn’t hate the end of BSG either. All things considered, it was still better than most of what’s on tv these days. I’ll definitely check out Caprica. I’m sure they’ll overdo the religious conundrums, but I know it’s coming so I won’t be put off by it.

  11. As long as Ron Moore and his Magical Plot Angels have nothing to do with this show, I’ll give it a shot.

  12. I never liked BSG, and I hate its sequel Stargate: Universe, so I have no intention of watching Caprica.

  13. Stargate Angstverse?  

    I probably won’t watch Caprica, BSG was a huge commitment of time and the new trend in half season cliff hangers is really annoying.

  14. Interesting comments!  I enjoyed BSG until that last hour. That left a sour taste, but nothing as bad as The Plan which made it seem like the near-destruction of two complete species was the result of one petulant man. No THAT was sad.

    I enjoyed the Caprica pilot even more the 2nd time I watched it, I think because I had already adjusted my expectations for the series.  It will explore some interesting themes, so I’ll definitely tune in. Even if the creator messes up the end, the ride along the way should be fantastic.

  15. Aparently I should be more excited by Caprica because it doesn’t have spaceships in it. Someone doesn’t understand excitement.

  16. The horrible BSG finale made me vow never to watch anything created by Ron Moore ever again.

  17. I watched the 2 part pilot on Comcast On Demand ( free). I, too, was concerned about the whiny teenagers. It looks decent enough to watch a few more episodes. IMHO, a series’ pilot isn’t always indicative of the quality of it’s episodes six months from now. For example, I liked the pilot for “V”, but have since given up watching that show. So, only time will tell.

  18. Someone else brought up angst.  What is the deal with bad sci-fi and angst?  At the end of BSG everyone was all emotional and upset all the time, and I couldn’t even figure out what they were upset about half the time.  Crybabies in Space is what I started calling BSG at the end.  They really needed a Conan the Barbarian type character in that show to just kick ass and not cry about it.

    And that ending pretty much retroactively ruined the entire show for me.

    Anyway, I’ll give this new show a shot, but I don’t have high hopes.

  19. I have the same problem with this that I had with the prequels to Star Wars, that is I am more interested in seeing what happens NEXT rather than what went on before.

  20. Moonbase_Alpha // January 21, 2010 at 7:24 pm //

    I won one of the free Caprica DVD preview copies from right here at SFsignal. Awesome!

    But that was the end of the awesomeness. I just couldn’t maintain much interest while watching it, and only watched to the end out of habit. 

    I then loaned the dvd to a huge BSG fan – who fell asleep 1/2 in and had no desire to see the rest – who passed it on to another BSG fan, who also got bored out of their skull partway through and loaned it forward to someone else. I’m haven’t gotten the disc back yet, don’t really know where it is right now, but really don’t even care.

    So, to answer the question, NO, I won’t be watching Caprica.

  21. The big premiere was last April, when the movie came out on DVD.

    I liked it, myself, but it’s very old news.

  22. @Gary: So…will you watch the series itself?

  23. I’ll watch the start of the series, and give it considerable chance given how much I liked neo-BSG.

    And I didn’t hate the ending remotely as much as most people. I didn’t think it was ideal or great, but it hardly ruined the series for me.

  24. I WILL watch Caprica as I unfortunatly I fell in LOVE with BSG AFTER the shows end & am now relegated to netflixing ALL of them.



  25. Not a chance in hell.  In fact one time when it is good that your video preview link is blocked! πŸ™‚

  26. Didn’t like Caprica, on its own merits. Which is to say, the lead character is a pouty, pontificating sooper-genius teenager, and argh.

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