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Donate $20 For Haiti Relief, Get A Boatload Of Pen And Paper Games Free

Drive Thru RPG has a terrific offer for fans of pen and paper/tabletop gaming: donate $20 to Doctors Without Borders Haiti Earthquake Response fund and they’ll give you a mega-pack of downloads with over $1000 worth of pen and paper RPG games, supplements and tabletop gaming for your enjoyment.

After donating your $20 (follow this link to their site to donate) you’ll get an email in a day or so with a download link to your haul. They’re doing a staggered download so as to reduce the load on their servers and to keep from cratering their site. Forward thinking of them, that. If you’re wondering what you’ll get, there is a ton of stuff, about 12 pages worth. Your mileage may vary, but I’m sure you can find something you’d like. After perusing the list, I see a couple of interesting items: the Serenity Role Playing Game rulebook and a tabletop starship combat game called Wormhole from World Works Games. There are plenty of other SF related materials there as well so, if you’re at all interested, please go donate.

You’ll help a worthy cause and gain a lot of fun stuff to play with later, a win-win!

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