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A Dozen Doses of Free Fiction From Robert A. Heinlein and Fritz Leiber

Here’s a short batch of free fiction from two legendary authors Robert A. Heinlein and Fritz Leiber, courtesy of free sampling from Baen’s Free Library…

By Robert A. Heinlein, from The Green Hills of Earth/The menace From Earth Omnibus:

By Fritz Leiber, from the Fafhrd And Grey Mouser books:

[via Free Speculative Fiction Online]

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7 Comments on A Dozen Doses of Free Fiction From Robert A. Heinlein and Fritz Leiber

  1. Bane –> Baen

    Specualtive –> Speculative

  2. Such perfect timing.  Just read and reviewed Green Hills of Earth.  I’ll update it with these links.  The Long Watch is one of the best stories in that collection.

    Cool to see Fritz Leiber out there as well.  I am one who was brought to the Leiber fandom by the re-release of the Mike Mignola illustrated graphic novel of the first Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories.  I have since read some of and collected all of the Dark Horse reprints of these stories.  They are a really fun part of the Sword and Sorcery genre.


  3. Old Miser is the new Fred!
    Thanks, OM.  I promise the errors are more related to bad typing than bad spelling. I’m a pretty gud spellur. πŸ™‚

  4. Peter Damien // January 17, 2010 at 1:54 pm //

    John gets a tax write-off for each typing error he makes. You watch. We’re going to get a pigdin gibberish post one of these days, followed by him announcing he’s off to buy a yacht. Or yawt. 

    Which isn’t what I came on here to say. What I came on here to say was, ANY of you who have ANY interest at all in Epic Fantasy, if you haven’t read Fritz Leiber’s Grey Mouser stories, you’ve gotta. On the computer screen or in any other capacity you can manage it. They’re as triffic and fundamental to the field of Epic Fantasy as the Lord of the Rings. G’wan, go read ’em. 

    I’ve got most of them on my shelves, snatched up on the rare occasions I find ’em in town. So having them online saves me from needing to send my copies to all of you with strident demands that you read ’em. πŸ™‚

  5. The title of this post is a little misleading – none of these works are available free.  A sample of them is free but not the entire book.  Perhaps I misread the post, but I thought these were entire eBooks that were available free as a sample from Baen’s online catalog.  Instead what we have are excerpts from each one. 

  6. Unintentionally, perhaps. It does say “free sampling from Baen’s Free Library”.

  7. I was more concerned that you thought they were entire works – sounds like you knew they weren’t.  I agree that I misread “sampling” to mean entire books that were “a sample of Baen’s library” versus “a sample of each book.”

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