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Trailer: The Marionette Unit

I’m a fan of the steampunk sub-genre, in all its forms. However, steampunk has been poorly served by the movies that have dabbled in it. Maybe The Marionette Unit will be the one to hit a home run. Synopsis:

This film is set in an alternate Victorian England, a world where steam-punk technology has developed rapidly and in a world where all creativity, art and individual expression is state-controlled. The Marionette Unit is a theater show where machine and human have been fused together. A musical machine that resembles a twisted tortured church organ, run with valves, steam and electricity, is connected by a mass of electrical cables to three ballet dancers, who have the wires fused into their bodies. The dancers are controlled by the machine much to the amazement of the Victorian audience.

I know, sounds cool! Sadly, principal filming hasn’t started yet, but the creators did put together this rather nice teaser to give us a taste of the movie. It’s followed by a slide show of some concept art for the film.

You can find more concept art on their ‘About‘ page. I have to say I’m impressed with what they’ve produced so far. It certainly has a distinctive look to it and gives me a Tim Powers vibe that could turn into a full blown tingle if they keep it up. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

[via Quiet Earth]

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5 Comments on Trailer: The Marionette Unit

  1. Do you like City of Lost Children?  It is one film with steampunk elements that I think works really well.

  2. neorandomizer // January 8, 2010 at 12:34 pm //

    Looks like something the late Peter Cushing would have been good in.

  3. That DOES sound cool, the premise. And here, I was coming into the comments to ask…what ARE other Steampunk movies? I can’t think of any. The closest I got was Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, but that’s not steampunk, so much as an old pulp science fiction thing. 


  4. I did like City Of Lost Children, it was certainly visually striking, plus add a young Ron Perleman and you have gold baby, gold!

    How about League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as a steampunk movie? Wild Wild West, I Am Will Smith version? I just said movies, not good movies…

  5. Lookin’ pretty sweet! Thanks for sharing. I hope this get made. I recently watched WILD WILD WEST (*only* for the steampunk elements, mind you; been putting it off because I knew how bad the story would be), and I need a *good* steampunk film to cleanse my soul.

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