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Trailer: VELA 734

What you are about to see is just test footage for a movie concept called VELA 734, which is a wushu/sci-fi mashup that contains laser katanas, robots with arms that morph into weapons, and a lot of human on robot wushu action. Sure, it looks lifted from Star Wars, especially the light katanas, but Lucas, for all his technical prowess, doesn’t come close to the awesomeness of this short battle (plus there’s a hot Asian babe for SF Signal Tim). Shot as a test, by director Antony Szeto, for a Chinese SFX house to see if their CGI-fu was up to snuff. I’d say most definitely and the sooner this movie is made, the better! It just oozes style.

And we like stuff that oozes.

[H/T Quiet Earth]

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3 Comments on Trailer: VELA 734

  1. Luke Shea // January 10, 2010 at 4:32 am //

    Kinda fun, but if I need robots and katanas, gimme Samurai Jack over this any day.

  2. errr….. OK, personally I prefer my original 3 Starwars movies… and if I want robots give me BSG everytime!

  3. The CGI-fu is great. Pity the actors aren’t up to it.

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