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VIDEO: Vernor Vinge on Superhuman Intelligence

Science fiction writer Vernor Vinge explains the concept of localizers.

This video is from The Ideas Project.

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2 Comments on VIDEO: Vernor Vinge on Superhuman Intelligence

  1. Fascinating…

    Though I have my doubts that a world entertained by So You Think You Can Dance will ever achieve superhuman intelligence. 🙂

  2. Ever since twentieth century economists decided that the world is a rational place, we have been cursed with mathematicians who insist that the future of everything is quantifiable and predictable. Despite such spectacular and chronic failures as the statistical modeling of stock market risks, the abacus-toting whiz kids persist in their prognostications. I sometimes think the only math that should be allowed in schools are word problems, with the occasional Zen Koan snuck in to keep everyone humble in the face of a universe that doesn’t care how many crystal balls or calculators you own. 

    I personally do not believe superhuman intelligence will ever manifest itself in the foreseeable future, for reasons which I have outlined in my article “Post-Singularity Blues”, which you can read at




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