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A 2006 Video Interview with Gene Wolfe

This is why I love the Internets…

Here’s a video interview with Gene Wolfe recorded at Balticon 40 in November 2006, around the time his Knight/Wizard books were out.

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3 Comments on A 2006 Video Interview with Gene Wolfe

  1. Wow!   That’s awesome – thanks for sharing it John.  I wonder if there are more interviews with him … hmmm… time to fire up those intarwebs!

  2. That is great!  My first experience with Gene Wolfe was reading this two book series and it remains one of my favorite reads ever.  I was mesmerized by the story.  And listening to this there is obviously a lot that I either didn’t pick up on the first time or completely missed.  I think I need to slate this one for a re-read.

  3. Thanks for shareing this. These two books were also my first Gene Wolfe reads. Highly recommended.

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