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Clash of the Titans: Theater or Rental?

As the release of Clash of the Titans draws near, I am reminded of how…bored…I was when I saw the original in the theaters. If I recall correctly, I loved the special effects (having been a huge Harryhausen fan even at that age) but the pacing was waaaay too slow. This remake looks like it might redeem the film somewhat.

Or does it? Take a look at this new featurette called Clash of the Titans: Meet the Gods and tell us: Will you go see Clash of the Titans in the theater (and in 3D?) or wait to rent it?

[via Film School Rejects]

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10 Comments on Clash of the Titans: Theater or Rental?

  1. Maria Stahl // February 14, 2010 at 5:59 am //


  2. Not even renting this one.  Even the trailer looks stinky.

  3. We stopped going to movies a couple of years ago, but if reviews are good we’ll either rent or buy. Ah, who am I kidding? This was one of my favorite movies as a kid, so it’s on the rental list no matter what.

  4. GodsGodsWhatever. . . . // February 14, 2010 at 10:03 am //

    I’ll most likely wait to rent.  All I have ever seen from these trailers is action sequence, action sequence, a little bit of angry talking, action sequence, action sequence.  There might actually have been a story there at one point, but I think I might have gotten stuck up the Kraken’s butt.

  5. If I was looking for a story I would watch the original and watch it at home.  If I’m looking for a rendering of the kraken at a size and resolution to make me crap my pants…well, yeah, I’m going to see it in a theatre.

    I like visual spectacle, and when I pay ridiculous amounts of money to see a movie in a theatre, I don’t want talking heads and romantic confessions; I want to see something that is not seeable the same way anywhere else.  That’s why I think I enjoyed Avatar despite its lack of story; it was just fun to look at.  As long as it has enough story to make it coherent and can give me some pretty pictures, preferably fast-moving and involving giant tentacled demigods, it’s worth my movie money.

  6. I will not, under any circumstances, see a 3D movie in any local theater.

    I live in flyover country — East Central Redneckistan, to be precise — and I am stuck dealing with Multiplex A or Multiplex B. And that’s it… for fifty miles to the next multiplex. In turn, that means exceptionally rude and intrusive audiences; out-of-focus films in 2D; out-of-phase and/or misadjusted speakers; or a 120-mile drive to the nearest quasireliable theater. And all that for the privilege of putting 3D glasses on over my own glasses, and sitting in seats that cause back pain? No thanks.

    Besides, I’m really, really cheap: If it’s a film I’m interested in, I try the library first… and then the non-chain, locally owned video store in the University district that actually wipes the disks clean between rentals.

  7. If they were going to show the original in the cinema I would pay to see that (thou would prefer Jason and the Argonaughts). As for this I suppose I will just wait for its TV airing… because I have no confidence in this being anything but garbage 🙁

  8. Rental, and a Redbox rental at that. Worthington’s not bringing much to the role.

  9. Douglas Hulick // February 16, 2010 at 12:22 am //

    There’s a 50/50 shot that I’ll catch this in the theater, if only for the visual spectacle. Some things I don’t mind catching on a smaller screen, but I suspect a lot of the action in this will be easier to follow on a big screen. I won’t shell out for the 3D, though — the movie has to be exceptional for me to even consider that. As for story, I’m not really expecting anything with this. In the end, I figure it can’t be much better (or worse) than the original (which has not aged well for me), so I don’t have a lot of investment in it one way or the other.

  10. “Hey, I’ve got an idea. There’s this movie that was really… well, it wasn’t very good. In fact, it kinda sucked. But it had these awesome stop-motion effects that everybody loved. So here’s my idea: we’ll remake the movie, but we’ll take out the stop motion! That way, everybody can just pay attention to the ‘story’ aspect that they all ignored when the movie first came out, because it was boring, and turned Greek mythology into a lame Star Wars knockoff. Sound good? GREEN LIGHT!”

    So, yeah, neither theater nor rental.

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