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Comicpalooza 2010

Comicapalooza is a relatively young convention here in Houston, home base for SF Signal. This year sees the convention (running from March 26 – 28) expanding their coverage to include sci-fi and fantasy, horror, steam punk, New Media, movies, film, and gaming of all types.

The current guest list includes:

  • Celebrities Nicholas Brendon, Bruce Campbell, Francis Capra, Jason Dohring, Tyrese Gibson, Brea Grant, James Hampton, Dichen Lachman, Jim MacKrell, Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca).
  • Webcomics creators Phil Foglio and David Malki.
  • Artists Larry Elmore,Josh Howard, Rob Liefeld, David Mack, Jim Mahfood, Chris Nicholas, Humberto Ramos, Christopher Sperandio, Dirk Strangely, Ben Templesmith, Ethan Van. Sciver, J. H. Williams III, Bernie Wrightson.
  • Authors Catherine Asaro, Mat Johnson, John Moore, and Gene Wolfe.

I’m looking forward to this one…

[2/26 Update: Guests added: Skyler White, Ghost of a Rose, Ari Marmel, Alexis Glenn Latner, and Ray Park ]

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3 Comments on Comicpalooza 2010

  1. Bruce Campbell is the only man on the planet (besides my husband!) who could call me Baby and not get a smacked cheek.  (Or at least an eye roll.)  Wish I could be there…

  2. Peter Damien // February 21, 2010 at 9:41 am //

    That looks like a blast. Heck, I’d go just for Gene Wolfe. 

  3. Airship Isabella and her crew had the honor of being guests at Comicpalooza 2010.  I can honestly say that Comicpalooza was one of the best cons we have attended, and the whole crew had a great time.  The staff was easy to work with, and the convention overall was great!  Can’t wait for next year!

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