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Free Fiction for 2/20/10

  • Audio:
    • @StarshipSofa: “The Gambler” by Paolo Bacigalupi
    • @PodCastle: “Three Days and Nights In Lord Darkdrake’s Hall” by Leah Bobet, read by Mur Lafferty.
    • @LibriVox:
      • Short Science Fiction Collection 028 [via SFF Audio]:
        1. “Attention Saint Patrick” by Murray Leinster
        2. “Bad Medicine” by Robert Sheckley
        3. “Blessed Are the Meek” by G.C. Edmondson
        4. “Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly?” by Bryce Walton
        5. “Instinct” by George O. Smith
        6. “Mex” by Laurence M. Janifer
        7. “The Nothing Equation” by Tom Godwyn
        8. “Scrimshaw” by Murray Leinster
        9. “The Servant Problem” by Robert F Young
        10. “Von Kempelen and his Discovery” by Edgar Allan Poe
      • Short Science Fiction Collection 029 [via SFF Audio]
        1. “The 4-D Doodler” by Graph Waldeyer
        2. “The Carnivore” by Katherine MacLean
        3. “Homesick” by Lyn Venable
        4. “Longevity” by Therese Windser
        5. “Lost In The Future” by John Victor Peterson
        6. “Man Made” by Albert R. Teichner
        7. “The Mathematicians” by Arthur Feldman
        8. “McIlvaine’s Star” by August Derleth
        9. “Stopover Planet” by Robert E. Gilbert
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  1. Some great stuff out there to check out.  I didn’t know Tor had an ezine on their site now.  I’ll have to check out their podcasts, too.

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