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Movie Poster Smackdown! ‘Alice in Wonderland’ vs. ‘Battleship Yamato’ vs. ‘Wolfman’

Because we can’t let books have all the fun!

Your Mission (should you choose to accept it): Tell us which poster you like best and why.

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12 Comments on Movie Poster Smackdown! ‘Alice in Wonderland’ vs. ‘Battleship Yamato’ vs. ‘Wolfman’

  1. euphrosyne // February 11, 2010 at 1:51 am //

    Yamato: very nice poster; movie will rule

    Wolfman: nice poster; movie will ???

    Alice: tacky and garish poster, perfectly representative of Burton’s accelerating creative bankruptcy in which he substitutes outre for intriguing; movie would make me nauseous if I were physically forced to view it

  2. Actually, I like all three.  I had already seen this particular Alice poster (along with several others), and it’s very much what I would expect from a Burton film (especially as I expect it will be similar in style to his Willie Wonka).  Wolfman is sufficiently dark and threatening.  (Weaving as the wolfman?)  Yamato seems overly detailed for a movie poster; this type of illustration seems better suited as a book cover.  It’s the type of illustration I would like to examine in detail.


  3. jeff hotchkiss // February 11, 2010 at 7:03 am //

    Battleship Yamato: It looks post-apocalyptic, so it’s got my attention quickly. But the it makes me ask some questions. What happened? What’s in the guy’s hands? What’s the thing streaking across the sky? Is that the battleship behind the guy? If not, what is it? Etc., etc.

    Wolfman: Pretty blah. The movie’s called Wolfman, the poster has a wolfman on it. Yawn. Though the trailer looks kinda cool, this poster is boring.

    Alice in Wonderland: This poster is ugly as hell. I’m so burned out on Tim Burton’s over-the-top bizarre and this movie looks to be the first Tim Burton movie I don’t care about. I do like the green circular hat patterned background, but everything else about the poster makes me not want to see the movie.

  4. I think Battleship Yamota is by far the best looking poster, but the movie I’m looking most forward to is Alice.  I am an unabashed fan of Tim Burton and his films.  The poster is horrible, and Alice might not have been the best choice of where to go next, but I’ll be there to see it on opening weekend.

  5. The Alice poster IS horrible (I mean, gah!), Wolfman is serviceable, and YAMATO is, well, a thing of mind- staggering, towering beauty.

  6. I like the Wolfman one the best. It’s simple, minimal, to the point without being too cluttered. Johnny Depp just looks creepy. 

  7. That Alice in Wonderland poster would make a nice cover to a Carlton Mellick novel…

  8. Wolfman looks like an X-Men poster to me for some reason….

    I’m not a fan of the Alice poster, but I am really excited to see the movie.

    Battleship Yamato really does like more like a book cover than a poster, but it doesn make me want to learn more about the movie…

  9. Difficult choice.  More so because it’s hard to view the posters objectively without considering the talents behind the movies.

    Leaving aside the commercial aspects of the films and looking at the posters as art alone, “The Wolfman” is probably the least interesting of the three.  It’s well crafted enough, but there’s just nothing there to capture my attention.

    Between the other two, “Yamato” is a more interesting picture, but as other commenters have pointed out, it’s more suited to a book or graphic novel cover than to a film, where a quick impression has to be made.

    “Alice” is much simpler in composition, but the contrasting colors and distinctive character communicate much more quickly the nature of the film it’s advertising.

    So, since there’s no easy choice, I’ll say that “Yamato” is a better piece of art, but “Alice” is a better movie poster.

  10. Yamato.

    Anything by Burton is deranged and, by definition, ugly. The wolfman poster – while trying to be true to the classic – looks like the Wolverine franchise.

    Yamato. Will. Rule.

  11. Yamato is awesome…book or movie poster I don’t care.

    Alice is ok.

    Wolfman the usual.  I almost said terrible, but I think that much negativity is associated with my frustration for the lack of creative movies from Hollywood.  A werewolf?  Really?  How boring.

  12. I like the Battleship Yamato best because of the composition and color induced atmosphere.

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