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RIP: William Tenn (Philip Klass)

Sad news…

The Official Home Page of Science Fiction Writer William Tenn is reporting that Philip Klass (who wrote as William Tenn) died on Sunday, February 7, 2010 at age 89.

Klass only wrote one fiction novel (Of Men and Monsters) but was a prolific short story writer whose work was recently collected by NESFA Press in the three volumes Immodest Proposals, Here Comes Civilization and Dancing Naked.

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2 Comments on RIP: William Tenn (Philip Klass)

  1. william tenn was a mentor to our greatest thriller writer, the one and only David Morrell.

  2. R.I.P., indeed. I just devoured his stories as a teenager. Haven’t reread them, but still have the old paperbacks. I hear they hold up well, so I should revisit a few.

    Interesting that he was Morrell’s teacher. I read a good story about Morrell. Around the time he had his first book published, it got optioned by Hollywood. Somewhat against his will (he was rather poor at the time), he was talked into spending $500 (IIRC) for a lawyer to review the contract. The lawyer made one change: reserving the ancillary rights. “What are those?” asked Morrell. “The rights to make other products connected to the work, like t-shirts and lunch boxes with a picture of the main character,” said the lawyer. “Why in the world would anyone want a t-shirt or a lunch box with a picture of a psychotic Vietnam vet on it??” “Well, you never know,” said the lawyer.

    And Morrell grumbled about the money he wasted on that lawyer for a while… but not for long!

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