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SF Signal Welcomes Derek Johnson!

Like our egos and our waistlines, the staff of SF Signal is getting bigger! We’re happy to announce that Derek Johnson has joined the ranks of our esteemed Irregulars!

By way of introduction, we asked Derek to talk about himself in the third person. This is what he came up with:

Derek Johnson‘s critical works have appeared in Nova Express, SF Site, RevolutionSF and Her Majesty’s Secret Servant. He lives in Central Texas with the Goddess

We’re happy to have Derek’s reviewing savvy around here to class up the place.

Welcome, Derek! As a reader of the blog, I’m sure you already know it’s customary that “New Guy buys everyone else bagels”. (But just in case: New Guy buys everyone else bagels!) I feel like a toasted garlic bagel today. Before dinner would be nice.

While Derek is off to the bagel shop — because everyone knows that’s the only place to get real bagels — check out his first post: a review of the new film The Wolfman starring Benicio del Toro.

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