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TOC: ‘Conflicts’ Edited Ian Whates

The table of contents for the NewCon Press sf anthology Conflicts edited Ian Whates has been posted. It contains “thirteen tales of human striving, of ingenuity, brilliance, desperate action, violence, and resolution.” It will be available on April 2nd, 2010.

  1. Introduction by Ian Whates
  2. “Psi.Copath” by Andy Remic
  3. “The Maker’s Mark” by Michael Cobley
  4. “Sussed” by Keith Brooke
  5. “The Cuisinart Effect” by Neal Asher
  6. “Harmony in My Head” by Rosanne Rabinowitz
  7. “Our Land” by Chris Beckett
  8. “Fallout” by Gareth L. Powell
  9. “Proper Little Soldier” by Martin McGrath
  10. “War Without End” by Una McCormack
  11. “Dissimulation Procedure” by Eric Brown
  12. “In the Long Run” by David L. Clements
  13. “Last Orders” by Jim Mortimore
  14. “Songbirds” by Martin Sketchley
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