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Top 20 SF Signal Posts for January 2010

In case you missed them, here are The Top 20 SF Signal Posts for January 2010:

  1. MIND MELD: Anime Film Favorites (+ The Top 14 Anime Films of All Time!)
  2. 1945A: You Got SciFi in My Alternate History!
  3. MIND MELD: What’s the Best Story to Never Win a Hugo?
  4. Avatar: The Good and The Bad
  5. 2009: A Year in Review [John’s Take]
  6. A Dozen Doses of Free Fiction From Robert A. Heinlein and Fritz Leiber
  7. Book Cover Smackdown! ‘The Shadow Rising’ vs. ‘A Game of Thrones’ (French)
  8. Have You Ever Binge-Read An Author?
  9. Which Books Have You Bought More Than Once?
  10. [GUEST POST] Sarah A. Hoyt on The Death of Science Fiction: It Ain’t Over Till The Fat Droid Sings
  11. MIND MELD: Who Should Be The Next Grand Master?
  12. Free eBook: Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett
  13. Question of the Day: What Are The Coolest SF Space Battles You’ve Seen?
  14. Book Cover Smackdown! ‘Zoo City’ vs. ‘Plague Year’ (Czech) vs. Firedrake
  15. [UPDATED] Amazon vs. Macmillan: A Battle Over eBook Prices
  16. [GUEST POST] Lavie Tidhar Asks ‘What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Steampunk?’
  17. Trailer: Kick-Ass (Hit Girl Oriented) [NSFW]
  18. Trailer: Battleship Yamato (Live Action)
  19. Support for Kage Baker
  20. AUDIO REVIEW: Thunder From Fenris by Nick Kyme
  21. FINALISTS: 2010 BSFA Awards
  22. Kage Baker Update
  23. GIVEAWAY: ‘Uncategorized’ by Sue Lange [eBook]
  24. Avatar: Creating The World Of Pandora
  25. Free Fiction for 1/16/10
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