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Edward M. Lerner’s ‘InterstellarNet: Origins’

Edward M. Lerner announced the publication of InterstellarNet: Origins, which collects updated and expanded versions of 5 stories (“Dangling Conversations”, “Creative Destruction”, “Hostile Takeover”, “Strange Bedfellows”, “Calculating Minds”) about the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and First Contact. It begins in an era much like our own and rapidly expands into an open-ended star-spanning future history:

We are not alone. Now what?

Life changed for physicist Dean Matthews — and everyone else on Earth — the day astronomers heard the radio signal from a neighboring star.

First Contact brought more questions than answers. What were the aliens saying, and what did they want? What could humanity hope to gain — and what did we risk losing — if we replied? Did we dare trust one another? Did we dare not to? And who had any say in the matter?

By sorting out all that, Dean changed lives again. This time across two worlds.

And in the process he set the stage for crises yet more daunting that would bedevil his family — and an expanding number of interstellar civilizations — for generations to come.

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