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Free Fiction: ‘The Hambleton Affair’ by George Mann (A Sir Maurice Newbury Story)

If you’re not familiar with George Mann’s Newbury and Hobbes stories, you should be. They combine the mystery of Sherlock Holmes and the flavor of steampunk. The first novel in which Sir Maurice Newbury (Special Agent to Queen Victoria and specialist in the occult sciences) and Victoria Hobbes (his able assistant) were introduced was The Affinity Bridge (reviewed here), an excellent book that threw in zombies for good measure. They returned in the novel The Osiris Ritual, recently reviewed here.

Along the way, Mann wrote some short stories featuring Sir Maurice Newbury. We already told you about “The Shattered Teacup“. Now, thanks to the author and the kind folks at Snowbooks, SF Signal is pleased to be able to bring you another short story featuring Sir Maurice Newbury…previously available in the UK hardcover version of The Affinity Bridge

It’s called “The Hambleton Affair” and you can read it right here. (© Copyright George Mann 2008)

I’ve read it, and it’s a fine and proper British mystery, with a dash of science fiction as well.


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  2. Same problem here.  File is corrupt, will not open.

  3. It opens fine with Foxit PDF reader, just not Adobe. Working on it…

  4. OK — a new version has been uploaded that can now be opened with Adobe.  🙂

  5. Sweet! I really enjoyed “The Shattered Teacup,” and recently started reading THE AFFINITY BRIDGE. Hot damn is it good. Thanks for turning me on to Mr. Mann’s work.

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