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New Iron Man 2 Trailer

Looks fun!

[via mashable]

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3 Comments on New Iron Man 2 Trailer

  1. Yes okay it’s fun and, of course, the family will be going to see it. HOWEVER… I can’t help thinking that Iron Man is painting itself into a corner here. With Tony Stark so out in the open, what else can you have but villains trying to outdo him every movie? It’s just a rehash of the Wild West gunslinger everyone wants a piece of, right? After a while, it gets tedious. There was a good reason why another eccentric billionaire tinkerer, Bruce Wayne, kept his identity a secret. It’s more intriguing that way. (ahem) Imo.

  2. Good point, Kaz.  When Tony Stark declared “I am Iron Man” to the reporters at the end of the first film, I thought, “Huh?”  Did he really do that, or was that just supposed to be some cool intro to the Black Sabbath closing song?  In a way I was glad to see that that wasn’t something they’d ignore, but that leaves open the scenario you describe.

  3. Batman’s ID being secret makes it easier to write new and interesting scripts? Yeah, he has vastly “different” storylines in all his movies. Secret villian tries to bring down Gotham/Batman…ah, and that’s it. Not that I don’t enjoy those movies.

    It is WAY better that everyone knows. At least this is a slightly less traveled direction than secret identity (Spidy, Batman, Superman, etc.).

    Just the fact that he has to honestly defend his actions in front of the government is new for super hero movies. It will be interesting if they can make this believable.

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