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TOC: ‘When The Night Comes Down’ edited by Bill Breedlove

Dark Arts Books has posted the table of contents for their horror anthology When The Night Comes Down edited by Bill Breedlove:

  1. “The Unwrapping of Alastair Perry” by Joseph D’Lacey
  2. “Etoile’s Tree” by Joseph D’Lacey
  3. “Introscopy” by Joseph D’Lacey
  4. “Morag’s Fungus” by Joseph D’Lacey
  5. “The Quiet Ones” by Joseph D’Lacey
  6. “Silvery Moon” by Bev Vincent
  7. “Knock ‘Em Dead” by Bev Vincent
  8. “Something In Store” by Bev Vincent
  9. “Purgatory Noir” by Bev Vincent
  10. “Elevator Girls” by Robert E. Weinberg
  11. “The One Answer That Really Matters” by Robert E. Weinberg
  12. “Maze” by Robert E. Weinberg
  13. “Breeding The Demons” by Nate Kenyon
  14. “Gravedigger” by Nate Kenyon
  15. “One With The Music” by Nate Kenyon
  16. “The Buzz of a Thousand Wings” by Nate Kenyon
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