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TRAILER: Stargate Universe 1.5

SyFy, in its infinite wisdom, likes to take months long breaks in the middle of its high profile series so it shouldn’t come as a shock they did so with SGU. In case you forgot, SGU ended with, well, the trailer pretty much picks up (and spoils!) where the last episode ended. Take a gander:

Finally, finally!, something interesting looks to happen. You can see my feelings on the first half of SGU here but I have to say I like what I see in the trailer. Aliens and some combat can only help spice up the otherwise dreary and moribund story we’ve seen so far.

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5 Comments on TRAILER: Stargate Universe 1.5

  1. martin t. // March 13, 2010 at 11:18 am //

    Yes, this trailer finally shows really interesting stuff. Too bad that here in germany right now only the first half of the first season is on TV.

    Will have to find a way to watch it sooner πŸ™

  2. This show has a lot of making up to do. It’s been pretty sucky thus far. I’m not sure I’m inclined to give it another shot. I’m thinking not.

  3. @ Martin, well hopefully they will follow straight on with 1.5 so you won’t have had this pain in the rear 3 months of withdrawl others are suffering from.

    I felt the show got off to a poor start but really picked up speed when they started to concentrate on the characters. It still has dimonds to polish and it needs to bring up more characters to the level of Dr Wear, but I think its going to do it. I like the feel of this show far more than Atlantis, and am digging the darker edge it has than most of SG1 but again it hasn’t gelled quite yet, but SG1 took probably 3 seasons before I felt it was firing on all cillenders.

  4. I cannot believe that this show, which is clearly the most adult and intelligent of the Stargate shows so far (IMHO) is being hammered by so many people for lack of action, fx etc. I reckon this is THE show to finally sell Stargate to the masses. Until now, I have always considered Stargate a little bit like the cheaper, poor cousion to shows like Battlestar and even DS9.

    Long live SGU!

  5. I must be gettin’ old. I still remember when SyFy was SciFi. It’s all NBC anyway. As far as SGU goes, it isn’t a bad show, my wife doesn’t think so, but it beats the hell outta network tv. The months long breaks are a nuisance though between the writers other duties on other shows. Now NBC will be taking 2 writers and an EP, (executive producer), from SGU for thier new piece of crap (IMHO), The Cape. (Still can’t believe Heroes was cancelled for THAT!) Hence the breaks between shows on SyFy. We’ll see if SGU can pull another season out of it’s @$$. 

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