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Tron Legacy Billboards Are Cool Enough To Be Wallpapers

Disney knows a winner when they see it, and so far, Tron Legacy has ‘winner’ written all over it. To help advertise the upcoming movie, Disney has rented a billboard on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles where, each month until release, they will be displaying a new Tron Legacy related advertisement. So far they’ve release three for us to enjoy. Take a gander!

Billboard #1 – Sweet, sweet blue light cycle.

Billboard #2 – Menacing yellow (but still sweet!) lightcycle.

Billboard #3 – Allez lightcycle fight!

Disney certainly knows what the Tron fanboys like and is pushing the lightcycles hard. Good thing these new ‘cycles are really, really cool. Some enterprising motorcycle manufacturer needs to figure out how to make these and sell them. I’d risk the wrath of the wife for one of these (on second thought, probably not). As the title of this post says, I liked these billboards so much I downloaded them and they are now part of my daily wallpaper rotation (thanks Windows 7 slide show!). I’ve linked each of the above images to their full size counterparts so you can download them and enjoy them too!

Waiting for Tron Legacy is almost exactly like waiting for Christmas and for Tron fans, seeing the new movie will be an early (two weeks) Christmas present…

[H/T Slashfilm]

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