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Voice Of The Fans: What Do You Want To See From the New Superman Franchise?

It’s official, after the mess that was the latest Superman movie, Christopher Nolan will be “shepherding” a new rebooted Superman movie to completion. Let’s hope that Brandon Routh’s metrosexual Supes doesn’t make a return and that there are no giant spiders (the fiercest killers in the animal kingdom) for Superman to fight. Nolan won’t be writing or directing but hopefully some of the same sensibilities that made the new Batman movies so good will rub off on the new Superman.

With concrete info hard to come by, we’re opening it up to you. What would you like to see from a new Superman movie? Who would you like to see as Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Lex Luthor? Do you even want to see Luthor as the villain? What about a story line you’d like to see? Should they redo the origin story or come up with something different (I’d assume a redone origin story is in order.) Should John Williams return with his kick ass score?

What say you?

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14 Comments on Voice Of The Fans: What Do You Want To See From the New Superman Franchise?

  1. Paul NYC // March 12, 2010 at 5:50 am //

    Batman is the gritty character, not Superman. Batman is a psychologically damaged person who barely balances concepts of justice with revenge. He is a mirror of the villains he fights except that they are evil and he is not.

    Superman should be heroic in every possible way. He is a savior, a messiah with nearly god-like powers yet with such a sense of right and wrong that he is compelled to do the right thing. In my opinion, Superman should be glorious in the face of even the most evil. He often is forced to do what he needs to do but does not come to the decision lightly. The Christopher Reeve Superman worked without having to be “gritty” – the last Superman movie was terribly written, horribly acted and ghoulishly directed by trying to evoke Chris Reeve after the actor was already dead.

  2. I agree with what Paul has said, Superman is supposed to be the ultimate ‘good guy’, if the script wants conflict then it needs to play on his desire to do ‘the right thing’ everytime. I also think they need to have a touch of humour/cheese as thats something I associate with the franchise, it doesn’t need to take him to seriously, certainly not in the way that Batman does.

    Other things that I really want is for it to be reasonably paced, SR was so tediously torturously slow. I want the movie to make sense no bullshit about a little bit of kryptonite almost killing SM and then have him ‘save the day’ by lifting a massive chunk of kryptonite out into orbit… *HUH*. Hopefully he won’t go for Lex Luthor as the bad guy either, how about giving Kingpin or any of the other foes that Superman has a turn on the big screen.

  3. No Luthor. He’s been done way too much in the Superman movies. Maybe Brainiac instead. Geoff Johns wrote a cool Brainiac story not too long ago.

    I’d get rid of that stupid white styrafoam Fortress of Solitude idea. That anyone can just walk into? What kind of fortress is that? Lame.


  4. Whatever the film’s other flaws (and I really didn’t think it was bad–not spectacular, could have done without yet another Luthor story), I thought Routh was perfect in the role of Superman.   I’d be happy to see him return to it.

  5. Not sure that Routh was perfect for the role, unless you mean that he did a superb take on Reeve’s Superman.

    I have no qualms with them using him again, but I think Nolan should recast his reboot.

  6. I would like to see the ultimate good vs. ultimate evil motif done, because it’s perfect for Superman, but where a lot of films sort of take this for granted, I’d like to see them explore the definition of good and evil, working in the themes of chaos vs. order, etc. 

    Where Nolan’s Batman worked well was how he used his dark and gritty nature to good effect, I have little doubts that Nolan will try the same formula in this instance – he’s a very good storyteller.

  7. Simply put, I want a Superman that’s likable. Two often Supes is portrayed as aloof, some distant savior figure that the audience never connects with. yes, we root for the Clark Kent side of the person because he’s relatable as the bumbling everyman who doesn’t get the girl. But Superman is about wish fulfillment, the ultimate good guy with the power to make things right in a world who loves him for what he does. 

    Too often, writers, directors and actors go the easy route and portray Supes as a man too obviously struggling with the wait of the world on his shoulders. It’s too easy to show him as an alien, apart and separate and aloof, unable to connect with the world who adores him. Superman should love what he does. We should see joy in his work, because dammit, Superman should enjoy being Superman. The only flaw in the Superman persona is that he’s not real, and thus Superman can’t get the girl at the end of the day, even though Lois is head over heels for him.

    If Goyer and Nolan load Superman up with angst about his place in the world and make him a mopey emo protagonist, as opposed to this wondrous figure with a desire to do right the ability to act on that desire, we’ll get another stuffy, lifeless Christ allegory that looks pretty but doesn’t inspire or please anyone. Just like Bryan Singer found out.

  8. I want the same things from this film that I want from every film (space opera or soap opera, original or adapted):

    I want a good, well-written story to dominate and determine the choices of

    • who gets cast
    • what special effects get used
    • the soundtrack
    • the publicity/advertising campaigns

    and not the other way around… like, say, damned near everything that has been released as either a “science fiction” or a “comic-based” film in the last twenty years from inside the H’wood heirarchy. I won’t worry about Routh/no Routh, Luthor/no Luthor, etc. until there’s a good, well-written story in place; and even then, I won’t worry much about it until the story gets turned into a filmable screenplay.

    I’m not going to get it. The Superman property is (at present!) controlled by the second-least-perceptive suits in H’wood, so I’m giving it a preemptive pass.


  9. Let’s a face it: As a movie character, Superman sucks. He has no flaws and no real chance of being defeated. He’s essentially God, minus the omnipoitence and the Old Testament taste for wrath.

    Honestly, at this point, I would go with the Giant Mechanical Spider.  Powered by Kryptonite!

  10. Paul NYC // March 12, 2010 at 2:51 pm //

    I just want to add one thing relating to a villain for the movie. Yes, we can have one more take on Luthor or give Darkseid a try but I think pretty much any well-written villain, even one created just for the movie, will be good. Just don’t make this villain’s motivation real estate or cornering the market on coffee futures. It needs to be a villain that only Superman can stop like a hyper-dangerous version of a James Bond villain. Make it a suped-up neo nazi group bent on world domination, make it an alien that crash landed on Earth like Superman did except this one is a monster, etcetera. I don’t care as long as it’s fast paced and makes me care about what happens and who it happens to.

    As to soundtrack — it should be sweeping and memorable. This is the reason that some (not all) of the stuff John Williams writes sticks with us. He’s a master of melody and grand sweeping musical motifs. Jerry Goldsmith also was able to evoke similar things although his output varied stylistically more than Williams’s music. I like Michael Giacchino’s work although his score for the Star Trek reboot was not memorable in the least. Alexandre Desplat’s work on Twilight: New Moon is nothing short of brilliant although I would need to hear something of his that wasn’t so brooding and sounded more majestic.

    In any regard, music is the last thing that should be considered. Write a good story about people, one of whom happens to have incredible powers not of this world. It’s been done before, it can be done again.

  11. Superman does have his weaknesses, but apart from Kryptonite (something that should be avoided like the plague in the 1st movie I feel) they are all head games. Its about making him make difficult choices, does he do whats right even if it means risking the people/things he loves? It needs to be about putting him in morally ambigueos circumstances where his simple view of being ‘good’ falls down. In order to do that I would like to see him face an intelligent villian, one who will stack the deck in ways that try to break Superman.

    Yes it is all about the script/plot, they are the key things that make any/every non porn movie work and unfortunatly they are the last things that it seems Hollywood cares about, because its a problem that can’t be fixed by just throwing more money and cgi at the project.

    Nolan did a great job rebooting Batman with Begins, he went back to the root and made a film that spoke to core values of the franchise it was Film Noir in style, moody, violent and Batman was tortured. I also think that leaving the Joker out was a great move, using Scarecrow (a lesser but still great villian) allowed Nolan more room for Batman without him having to compete so hard for screen time. I just hope he can do the same with Superman.

  12. p.s. I want Nolan to go back to the roots of the franchise with his reboot, in the same way he did with Batman, not make a moody dark Superman following on from his Batman reboot.

  13. This is probably going to infuriate some fans, but I would really love to see Superman portrayed by a more mature actor (in the vein of the George Reeves incarnation of the character) so that there will be less pretty-boy camerawork – honestly, how much time did Superman Returns spend on lingering shots of Brandon Routh? It was too much to bear. The inclusion of Brainiac or Mongol would be worth the cost of a cinema ticket.

  14. “Let’s a face it: As a movie character, Superman sucks. He has no flaws and no real chance of being defeated. He’s essentially God, minus the omnipoitence and the Old Testament taste for wrath.”

    I agree with Lawrence completely.  Talk about a boring character.

    Nothing should be done, as it shouldn’t be made.  There isn’t a comic book character I care less about.  Give me something new…completely new.

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