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27 Free Speculative Fiction Stories by 22 Authors

A new batch of free fiction is up at Free Speculative Fiction Online.

  1. Robert Abernathy: “The Record of Currupira” (Fantastic Universe, January 1954)
  2. Robert Arthur: “Ring Once for Death” (Amazing, March 1954)
  3. Jerome Bixby: “The Draw” (Amazing, March 1954)
  4. Jesse F. Bone: “Noble Redman” (Amazing, July 1960)
  5. Howard Browne: “Call Him Savage” (As by ‘John Pollard’, Amazing, March 1954)
  6. Alfred Coppel: “The Peacemaker” (If, January 1953)
  7. Vern Fearing: “The Sloths of Kruvny” (Amazing, October 1953)
  8. Nancy Fulda: “Knowing Neither Kin Nor Foe” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #40, April 2010)
  9. Horace Brown Fyfe: “The Wedge” (If, September 1960)
  10. Nicola Griffith: “It Takes Two” (PDF, Eclipse Anthology #3, 2009)
  11. Nicola Griffith: “We Have Met the Alien” (PDF, Iron Women Anthology, 1990)
  12. Nicola Griffith: “Wearing My Skin” (PDF, Interzone #50, August 1991)
  13. Merrie Haskell: “Sun’s East, Moon’s West” (Audio, Electric Velocipede #17/18, Spring 2009)
  14. Katherine MacLean: “Games” (Galaxy, March 1953)
  15. Winston K. Marks: “The Water Eater” (Galaxy, June 1953)
  16. Dan T. Moore: “The Double Spy” (Amazing, March 1954)
  17. John Victor Peterson: “Political Application” (Fantastic Universe, September 1956)
  18. John Victor Peterson & Edward S. Staub: “The Psilent Partner” (Fantastic Universe, March 1954)
  19. Lawrence M. Schoen: “A Fool’s Death” (Abyss & Apex #20, Fourth Quarter 2006)
  20. Lawrence M. Schoen: “Xenosomnambulism” (Abyss & Apex #26, Second Quarter 2008)
  21. Robert Shea: “Star Performer” (If, September 1960)
  22. Walt Sheldon: “Jimsy and the Monsters” (Fantastic Universe, January 1954)
  23. Arthur G. Stangland: “The House from Nowhere” (Fantastic Universe, August 1953)
  24. F. L. Wallace: “Student Body” (Galaxy, March 1953)
  25. Murray F. Yaco: “Membership Drive” (Amazing, July 1960)
  26. Murray F. Yaco: “No Moving Parts” (Amazing, May 1960)
  27. Murray F. Yaco: “Unspecialist” (Analog/Astounding), January 1960)
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