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Lavie Tidhar’s ‘Jesus vs. the Volcano’

I’m going on a leg here for my friend Lavie Tidhar, the man behind the World SF News Blog and The Apex Book of World SF. (He has a further list of credits but that’s what personally drew me to him.)

To make a long story short, Lavie is currently stranded in Israel–along with his wedding guests. So what to do about that? Here’s Lavie’s own words:

Now, I’ve wanted to experiment with online serial

fiction for a

while. “Jesus & The Eightfold Path” was first written when I was

living in Vanuatu, and as recently as a week ago I was talking to Jason

Sizemore, my wonderful publisher at Apex Books, about running it as a

serial. I think it’s a fun story, and more than appropriate right now –

as our stranded guests have all visited the same sites, Nazareth and

Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee and Bethlehem, following in the footsteps

of our hero.

And it is appropriate, because Jason is releasing a great anthology

of religious-themed horror, Dark Faith, and I – and many better

writers – have a story in it.

If the old story tellers passed the hat around at the end of a tale,

I am happy to do the same. The story is here, and a new chapter is

going to be published once a day for the next two weeks. If you like

it, please consider donating – as little and as much as you want –

through the Paypal button. You could also buy a copy of Dark Faith,

edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon, and profits from each sale

will go back to me. You could even order my latest novel, The

Bookman, through Amazon. Every little bit helps.

I hope you enjoy “Jesus and the Eightfold Path.” And thank you for

listening! You can follow intermittent updates of our situation on my

new twitter account (@lavietidhar),

and I’ll blog

( if I can, though that seems unlikely in the

present situation. We’re happy, though, and bearing up well. We have a

roof over our head and plenty of food, and the beach is just down the

road. And the volcano has given us the opportunity to spend more time

with our friends!

You can read more about Lavie’s

situation (and his actual serial!) at

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