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TOC: Baen’s Universe 4.6, April 2010 (The Final Issue!)

Volume 2, Issue 4 (April 2010) of Baen’s Universe, their final issue, has been posted. Here are the contents:

Science Fiction:

  • “Shoresteading” by David Brin (Read it Free! Here’s Part one and part two.)
  • “Afterimage” by J. Kathleen Cheney
  • “Trappers” by Stoney Compton


  • “Storming Venus” by John Lambshead
  • “Hollywood Ending” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch


  • “Parasite Planet” by Stanley G. Weinbaum


  • “Nowhere Man”, Part 3 by David Gerrold


  • “Little Things” by J. F.


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