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Meet The Rikers!

Before Jonathan Frakes & Marina Sirtis reminisce about their days on Star Trek: The Next Generation, they discuss the idea of a sitcom revolving around the Rikers. I’d totally watch that. Look at the chemistry between these two…

[via Mish Sci Fi Musings]

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3 Comments on Meet The Rikers!

  1. Boy, that is really something special. Two takeaways from what they said:

    1. They felt a personal responsibility by being a part of the Trek universe to maintain a level of personal responsibility off-set.

    2. Depite other bad TV they may have done, they genuinely appreciate their time on the show.


    Thanks for posting.

  2. That was great! They are adorable. My Imzadi… My Zimbabwe… :o) 

  3. That was so much fun!

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