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Star Wars: Modernism Screening This Thursday In NY City

Star Wars has been a lot things to different people, but I don’t know if it’s been used as a vehicle to discuss “Vietnam, Nixon, the rise of feminism, Abby Hoffman & the Yippies, Apocalypse Now, Samurai Films, the civil rights movement and Lucas’s vision of a used future.” How does that grab you?

Here’s a little more from the press release:

Star Wars and Modernism, an artist commentary conceived and directed by artist John Powers, explores the original 1977 science fiction film as an object. Juxtaposing video with film stills and historical archives, Powers creates a compelling argument that the visual program of the blockbuster can and should be understood in terms of the art, architecture, and politics of Cold-War America. An essay by Powers published in Triple Canopy, with important editorial contributions by Colby Chamberlain, was the genesis of the project, and composer Luke DuBois went on to create the film’s original score.

John Powers explains the idea behind this project in this short video:

I find the idea here to be intriguing, even if I don’t necessarily buy the full premise. I’d have to see the whole thing to decide.

Star Wars and Modernism is a collaboration between sculptor John Powers, writer Colby Chamberlain and composer R. Luke DuBois. It will screen at 7pm, May 20th at the Philoctetes Center in New York City.

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