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TRAILER: Inception

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, Inception is the latest movie from Christopher Nolan, the genius behind the rebooted Batman franchise, the mind bending Memento and the overlooked and underrated, in my mind, The Prestige. Once again Nolan looks to be playing around with perception and reality in Inception. Take a look:

Leonardo DiCaprio plays a thief who enters people’s dreams to steal their secrets and all kinds of mind bending things happen to him. The film reminds of a mashup of Dreamscape and Dark City, with Nolan’s ‘keep ’em guessing’ storytelling. It just looks great. I’m even somewhat interested in the soundtrack, which is done by Hans Zimmer, even if it does sound a lot like The Dark Knight. I’m not a huge fan of DiCaprio but I’ve heard some good things about his recent acting roles so I’m willing to give him another chance.

I bet this thing will look great on the big screen, Imax even.

Bonus TV spots after the jump!

The more I see, the more pumped I am about this movie. Oh, and did I forget to mention Michael Caine? Game, set and match.

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  1. Looks like a live action Paprika.

  2. While Hans Zimmer is composing the score, the music in the latest trailer is actually by (and available from) <a href=””>Zack Hemsey</a>.

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