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Trailer: Vulcan (1997)

Sorry Star Trek fans — this is not what you think. Nor is it what anyone would possibly conceive without the aid of hallucinatory drugs.

Is this even real? This has be Robert Vaughn’s finest moment — even more so than Superman III. Seriously, this makes Superman III look like freakin’ Citizen Kane.

[via Poe TV]

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3 Comments on Trailer: Vulcan (1997)

  1. He was excellent in The Man from Uncle. Well he is too old to act now I suppose.


  2. This looks absolutely horrible. That puppet barely moved and it looked like they spent all the money on the flying scenes. Why did they keep calling the pteradactyl a bird? Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2 and Innerspace) has been better.

  3. Wow, that trailer just bumped VULCAN into the top spot of movies I must see this year. Yes, I’m serious! Great find!

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