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Alien in the Land of Bejesus

Birth of an Alien Nation” is the pilot episode for a new series of Internet science fiction called Alien in the Land of Bejesus. Author of the series, Sue Lange, will be publishing the series in the fall at Book View Café, but in the meantime, she’s offering a free sneak peak at her personal blog, Singularity Watch. In the coming months, new episodes will be periodically posted at Singularity Watch, which covers the convergence of technology and culture and is the perfect venue for this new satire which pits a lone alien against its technological world of Bejesus. Short and sprinkled with humor, the episodes are perfect for a quick Internet read.

More of Sue Lange’s free Internet fiction can be found at Book View Café. Her print published work (Tritcheon Hash, 2003, Metropolis Ink, and We, Robots, 2007, Aqueduct Press), can be found at Amazon. Her ebooks are available in the Kindle, Smashwords, and Kobobooks stores.

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