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Is Our Future Going to Be Like a Video Game Designed by Big Brother?

This is a video of a speech by game designer Jesse Schell called “Big Brother, Video Game Psychology & Obedient Humans living inside Skinner Boxes,” from the DICE 2010 gaming conference.

Some awesome ideas in here. And some chilling ones.

[via Lawrence Person]

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3 Comments on Is Our Future Going to Be Like a Video Game Designed by Big Brother?

  1. DogStar // June 3, 2010 at 2:03 am //

    I’m sure it’s an interesting video but Comcrap have very kindly blocked transmission of it’s content to the country in which I am currently working 🙂 Never mind, I’m sure I’ll find a copy somewhere…

  2. The full video is online at G4TV here. What’s posted above is a little under half of the presentation and omits the awesomely funny shot at the iPad.

    Aside from that, Jesse makes some very interesting points about how gaming is converging with real life. I really like the professor who hands out XP which is then used to achieve letter grades. Ingenious.

  3. joshua corning // June 3, 2010 at 6:26 pm //

    Coperations putting ads and telling me what to buy!!!


    I predict in the future that will go to an idie sci fi site and when i accidently pass my pointer over a Saw 3 ad that the ad will take over my browser and computer sound system and put a horrible screeming bloody murder video on my screen that i cannot turn off!!!


    oh wait….

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