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SF Tidbits for 6/16/10




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5 Comments on SF Tidbits for 6/16/10

  1. Is the new Encyclopedia of Science Fiction to be on-line only, or are there plans to publish a ink-and-paper edition as well? Anyone know? I treasure my 2nd edition hardcover copy and it’s companion Encyclopedia of Fantasy

  2. I cherish mine as well, but they are woefully out of date.  And with the field being larger than ever, I don’t foresee there being a print edition.  It would have to be brutally abbreviated.

  3. Boy, I wish I could go to that Lansdale festival. Bubba Ho-tep just totally rocked the house.

  4. Oh, and thanks for linking to Gini Koch’s worldbuilding post at SFR Brigade.

  5. If you ever get the chance to meet Joe, I highly recommend it.  He’s a hoot!

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