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Star Wars General Grievous Costume

Hat-tip to Great White Snark for finding this video of an impressive Star Wars General Grievous Costume. Unless you speak German, skip the first 40 seconds. If you do speak German, let me know what that dude in the wool hat is saying. I don’t trust guys in wool hats and I suspect he’s talking about me…

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3 Comments on Star Wars General Grievous Costume

  1. The first 40sec he points out that this is the second version of the video.

    The first contravened German copyright laws, in that in included the original music in the background, and German Copyright Law apparently has a stronger view on what constitutes fair use.

    “So, hey there[1], I’m again producing for y’all a Grievous video, a new one, because my old one was blocked for Germany, contravened the Copyright Law for Germany, because I had the original Star Wars music playing in the background.

    It’s stupid that it was only blocked in Germany, but there you go. 

    So I have a new one.  I could have used the old one, but I’ve made some improvements, for example here around the eyes you can see…yeah well.  I show it to y’all now.  Hope you enjoy.”

    [1] He uses ‘Servus’ which places him either in Southern Bavaria or Austria.




  2. Thanks for assuaging my paranoia, Rip!  πŸ™‚

  3. Great looking suit, and retarded reasons for the 1st vid being blocked. Took me a few seconds to figure out how he had prefected the very robot like movements, very clever!

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