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The Fellowship Of The Vuvuzelas

Every four years the world engages in an epic sports festival known as the World Cup, to which most Americans can do nothing but yawn and ask “How can you tie? Isn’t that like kissing your sister?” [Ed. – The correct answer is, of course, yes, yes it’s exactly like that.]

This year the quadrennial kickfest, known as football to the everyone but us soccer-minded Americans, takes place in South Africa and the South Africans have brought along an evil minded contraption to help the home team (which it didn’t, even France couldn’t implode enough to help). I’m talking about, of course, the vuvuzela.

If you’ve watched any of the games on TV, you’ve heard an annoying and persistent buzzing noise coming from the crowds. That’s the vuvuzela’s siren call and I know what you’re thinking, “What would Gandalf think?” Let’s find out:

Luckily for me, the TV in our lab has the sound turned down so I can’t hear the constant buzz…

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