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TOC: Black Static #17

The contents of Black Static #17 (Cover art by Ben Baldwin) have been posted:


  • “Zombie Cabana Boy” by Suzanne Palmer
  • “Three-Legged Bird” by Vylar Kaftan
  • “The Lady in the Tigris” by Daniel Kaysen
  • “Faces in Walls” by John Shirley
  • Includes the first 10 winning stories by Gemma Files, Kaaron Warren, Alan Morgan, Janos Honkonen, James Burt, Catherine McLeod, Christine Emmett, Jennifer Williams, Mary Elizabeth Burroughs, Katherine Hughes. (Part two in issue 18.)


  • Electric Darkness by Stephen Volk
  • The Campaign For Real Fear by Christopher Fowler & Maura McHugh
  • Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee
  • Case Notes by Peter Tennant
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