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TOC: ‘The Best of Talebones’ edited by Patrick Swenson

Patrick Swenson, editor of Talebones magaine, has posted the table of contents for his upcoming anthology The Best of Talebones:

  1. Barth Anderson, “Landlocked”
  2. Jennifer Rachel Baumer, “The Forever Sleep”
  3. Marie Brennan, “The Twa Corbies”
  4. Mike Brotherton, “Jack in the Box”
  5. Jack Cady, “The Parable of Satan’s Adversary”
  6. Stephen Couch, “The Dandelion Clock”
  7. Aliette de Bodard, “Safe, Child, Safe”
  8. Eric Del Carlo, “Nothing But Fear”
  9. Alan DeNiro, “Comachrome”
  10. Charles Coleman Finlay, “Hail Conductor”
  11. James C. Glass, “Robbie”
  12. Anne Harris, “Still Life with Boobs”
  13. Barb Hendee , “The Winds of Brennan Marcher”
  14. Nina Kiriki Hoffman, “Snow on Snow”
  15. Kay Kenyon, “The Acid Test”
  16. Mary Robinette Kowal, “Death Comes But Twice”
  17. Jay Lake, “Tall Spirits, Blocking the Night”
  18. Catherine Macleod, “Seepage”
  19. Nick Mamatas, “Your Life, Fifteen Minutes from Now”
  20. Louise Marley, “Night Shift”
  21. Sandra McDonald, “Bluebeard by the Sea”
  22. Terry McGarry, “God of Exile” (inclusion not yet final)
  23. Paul Melko, “Ten Sigmas”
  24. William Mingin, “From Sunset to the White Sea”
  25. Devon Monk, ” Sugar ‘n’ Spice”
  26. William F. Nolan, “Wolf Song”
  27. Patrick O’Leary, ” 23 Skidoo”
  28. Tom Piccirilli, “Caucasus”
  29. John A. Pitts, “Three Chords and the Truth”
  30. Sarah Prineas, “The Dog Prince”
  31. Ken Rand, “Song of Mother Jungle”
  32. Mark Rich, “Zothique Mi Amor”
  33. Uncle River, “Love of the True God”
  34. Patricia Russo, “Swoop”
  35. James Sallis, “Roofs and Forgiveness in the Early Dawn”
  36. Ken Scholes, “Edward Bear and the Very Long Walk”
  37. Jack Skillingstead, “Two”
  38. Bruce Taylor, “Spiders”
  39. Steve Rasnic Tem, “Cats, Dogs, and Other Creatures”
  40. James Van Pelt, “The Yard God”
  41. Carrie Vaughn, “The Girl with the Pre-Raphaelite Hair”
  42. Ray Vukcevich, “The Next Best Thing”
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